The Obligatory New Years Post is Here!  Stay with me on this one…

We’ve all read numerous blogs and articles with tips to starting your New Year off right!  As a hybrid coach, I’m constantly surrounded by clients who resolve to lose “their winter coat” or eat better, etc.  While the best intentions are there, an outcome-based goal isn’t the best approach…

What is an outcome goal?

It’s a goal that we set that focuses on the “outcome” we’d like to achieve. Some examples: I want to lose 20 pounds, I want to look ripped, I want to be a better person, I want to eat less, etc.  Again, the intentions for these types of goals are so great, but life circumstances, as we all know, can easily throw things off.  These obstacles could include: A busy month of travel, kids get sick, you’re stressed with work, not sleeping well, hormones out of whack, new/old injuries are affecting you, and the list goes on…

This is where behavioral goals come to the rescue.

“Behavioral goals are a commitment to practice a particular set of actions every day, as consistently as possible” (precision nutrition).  In this context, you’re actually working to manage your environment, surroundings, and daily tasks.  When these types of goals are implemented and achieved FIRST, your “Outcome goals” have a much higher chance of being reached.
Let’s take one of my favorite outcome goals I often encourage people to make…”I want to move more”.  This is a great outcome goal because it’s not as daunting as signing up for a marathon,  bodybuilding competition,  or climbing the Grand Teton Mountains.  Rather, it is simple, attainable for all, and healthy!  But what behaviors are you going to have to change to keep the environmental or physical distractions from hindering your success?   A potential behavior goal for this outcome goal could be to take stairs instead of the elevator when applicable.
Below is a great illustration of outcome-based goals accompanied by behavioral goals  to assist with reaching the outcome.  Use this visual to help you out when making your new years resolutions.  If you’ve already made some resolutions, start thinking about the behavior goals you can set to help best achieve your resolution goal(s).  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a consultation addressing your 2017 goals!