Jake Norman is a hybrid coach with a unique perspective to optimizing personal performance. A certified personal trainer/strength coach, massage therapist and active release technique provider, Jake blends all three areas of expertise to improve the way his clients move, function and perform.

What’s a hybrid coach?

[hy-brid] something that is powered by more than one source of power

As a hybrid coach I help people optimize their performance through clinical soft tissue therapy AND fitness training. I focus on improving your quality of movement with hands-on therapy.

As an experienced trainer and a licensed massage and Active Release Technique therapist, I will analyze your movement first, and then apply hands-on therapy to address dysfunction and pain. Most therapists and trainers can do one or the other, not both. Evolving my practice into hybrid coaching allows me to take better care of my clients, and has opened the door to work with active, competitive athletes in the Austin fitness community.