This video instruction is LONG OVERDUE,

as this is one of the highest prescribed exercises I use in my practice.  Wall angels are a favorite of mine because it combats so many various issues all stemming from the inability to effectively engage the back and  posterior shoulders muscles.  Additionally, it helps to bring awareness to one of the most common flaws of taking our arms overhead…the rib flare.  Rib flare is when the anterior rib cage excessively protrudes forward to accommodate various motions.   When this happens, it can virtually throw off the mechanics of the entire body (excessive lumbar lordosis, anterior pelvic tilt, core shuts down, shoulders lose stability through lack of posterior engagement, etc.).  Wall angels correct this tendency by forcing the low back to stay pressed against the wall throughout the entire motion (addressed in the video).

When should I do these??

Great question!!!!  I addressed this some in my video, but I’ll take it a step further here:


nintendo reset button

Historically, I’ve treated numerous employees who would pride themselves at spending literally 4-6 hours straight sitting at their desk.  This is way too long and a perfect setup for scar tissue formation from overuse (or over-sitting).  Every hour, do your body a favor and hit the “reset” button by doing 10 wall angels.  This reset will wake you up, get blood flowing, and turn the postural muscles back on.  I’d also like to mention that most “rehab” or “corrective exercises” i prescribe are typically in the form of a highly frequent “reset” button throughout the day vs. more traditional therapy prescriptions which usually includes a once a day exercise routine.


Wall angels are ideal for warm-ups before just about any workout (including running) as they help to set the shoulders and spine in a more neutral position and help to turn on some major muscle groups that go dormant during sleep or a long work day.

I hope you enjoy this video, and would love your feedback on how this exercise helps you!