The Olympics have officially set the awareness for Kinesiology tape in America. Several health practitioners are beginning to implement it into their practices, and retail stores are making it available to the public. I am certain that this is far more than a fashion trend. In fact, when applied properly, Kinesiology tape can be a very healing method that increases performance and decreases pain. There are several brands to choose from, but the best brand that I have tried is RockTape.

The effects of kinesiology tape are dependent on several factors, one being its ability to adhere to the skin during activity. If the tape can adhere to the skin without peeling off immediately, the chances of receiving all of its benefits are greatly increased! This is one of the reasons I chose to use RockTape in my practice. It is “stickier” than all the other tapes I have tried, and my clients have felt a more lasting effect to my treatments as well as the effects of the application.

Another reason I use RockTape is because of their philosophy on taping.  They have methods for taping for acute pain, AND they take it one step further by providing a method that tapes functional movements, not just isolated muscles.  Once I have treated a site of pain, I can further analyze movement patterns of my clients to assess what may have caused their pain to begin with.  Then I can not only treat other referral areas, but I can also apply RockTape to a comprehensive section of the body to facilitate better performing movements.  This results in a much more comprehensive approach that now relies on the client’s compliance with home-based exercises for the upmost success (in most cases).

With the FMT 1&2  course I took over the weekend, I have become certified by RockTape to perform this more advanced taping technique on clients and athletes all over!

Stay tuned…in 2013 I will be rolling out some amazing new offerings for current and potential clients including:  Weekend Warrior Performance Taping appointments, Tape rolls for sale with education on self application, seminars on taping for posture, and more!

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