At Functional Sports Therapy and Fitness, our training philosophy encompasses functional movements that not only mimic, but enhance performance in our every day life! We believe in training movements, not muscles, all while maintaining a high intensity throughout the session. Quantifiable workouts and assessments are implemented to maximize results.

What you can expect:

  • A thorough consultation with quantifiable testing including body composition analysis & a baseline workout.
  • Workouts are constantly varied, and designed specifically to meet your goals.
  • We strive to treat every workout as an evaluation, so we will monitor your movement patterns and continue to create strategies to help you work more efficiently.

Training Formats:

  • 45 minute sessions: These are the standard session lengths, and include movement preparation, customized workout, and cool down
  • 30 minute sessions: These sessions are ideal for “the on-the-go” clients or advanced clients.
    Additional Training Services:
  • Buddy & Small group training: Bring a friend to your training session for just a small upcharge!